Off To Neverland

When Disneyland first opened, Walt went into the park and visited some attractions. Amongst these was the Jungle Cruise. When he got off of the attraction he asked to speak to the manager onsite in charge of the Jungle Cruise. The manager seemed concerned but nevertheless enthusiastic that the big boss was there to speak with him. Walt asked how long the cruise was supped so be, the manager answered “7 and half minutes.” Walt replied, “Then why was it 4 minutes long?” Walt ended the conversation saying that he would be checking up to make sure it makes it to the 7 1/2 minute mark. The next couple of weekends Walt passed right by the Jungle Cruise, even though the manager had staffed his best skipper’s. A few weekends later, Walt waited in line and rode the attraction once more. 7 1/2 minutes later, Walt knew that the guests had been getting the best possible experience on the Jungle Cruise.
  • 27 April 2012
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